Legacy Episode 208 Promo
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  • Marina Roldan
    Marina Roldan

    Se quiere matar seher las señales de yaman la desesperan 😠

  • Marion Rata
    Marion Rata

    Absolutely a NEW BEGINNINGS SEASON 2 Sehers love letter gave Yaman a significant sign to seek Seher and Yusuf..When did she write the letter. It was extremely full of Powerful Words how devoted with love for Yaman. The smile on his Smile just made my Time Capsule Tunnel of LOVE spin. No angry facials just PURE LOVE FOR THEM BOTH.. He surely knew to Print Enternity Sign on the beach, Northern Stars hanging under a tent, more divine the Bouquet of Daisies.. Those tiggered Sehers heart... obviously Yaman got jealous seeing a male beside Seher. He didnt forget Sehers Lemon Cookies, uncanny another sign for Yaman. So Far I am loving Season2.. I know it wont be Lemon Cookies or The Northern Star..always..we have to get our tops on for evil actions to open. but at the moment i am going with the flow ♾🌟💐❤❤❤❤❤

  • Jasmina Markovic
    Jasmina Markovic


  • Hani B
    Hani B

    👍🤪”Haaaahaaaa” 1️⃣”Numara Olmuş” Yaaaa yaaaa işte bu Yaman (💯de💯Tebrikler ) Maç arası iyi geldi Patatesler BVB BVB-BJK 0-2 Devre arası 😭😭😭 BJK’ya yardım gerek acilen ‼️

  • Wilson Ekmek
    Wilson Ekmek

    Gunleremeze doldu yamansez olmiyor selamlar Lubnandan yamanemeza

  • lala 718
    lala 718

    I See that he's driving a BMW sedan. ( one of my fav cars) :) ... Shows you he never goes out of style.

  • Halla Bouakkadia
    Halla Bouakkadia

    مسلسل جيد

  • Abdul Orucov
    Abdul Orucov

    Çox sevdim buldugna💞💞💞

  • Béa Dal
    Béa Dal

    c'est si beau et si triste à la fois, il faut que la vérité éclate et qu'ils se retrouvent rapidement

  • Sara Khan
    Sara Khan

    Love to see you again

  • Αννα Κακομανωλη
    Αννα Κακομανωλη

    Dear emanet team you gained so many subscribers in the last days... Imagine how many would you gain if you provide English translation... Second season started really good keep up like this!!!!

  • nurul aleesya
    nurul aleesya

    Yaman, don't give up to find seher...

  • Mastipa Labaso
    Mastipa Labaso

    Film yang saya tunggu 😊walau tidak mengerti dengan bahasa Turki 😊

  • Knit & Read
    Knit & Read

    Yaman : Stalker Mode ON Seher : Freak Out Mode ON

  • Nahima Seddiki
    Nahima Seddiki

    Je suis pressé d’être dans l’épisode on va retrouver sa femme ça va être fort en émotions ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Saranya L S
    Saranya L S

    The promo is excellent 👍

  • dr.umekulsoom shah
    dr.umekulsoom shah

    So finally he searched his love of life, hope there will not be any hurdle between their meeting.

  • Roger Suarez
    Roger Suarez

    I think we are excited for this episode😍 Yaman love seher so much💖❤️

  • Irene Maria
    Irene Maria

    we are really lucky, I was afraid, it would take Yaman the whole season to find them 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Xatire abbaslı
    Xatire abbaslı


  • Thiago Souza
    Thiago Souza

    ARRASOU super Yaman achou sua amada Seher linda

  • Вал Г
    Вал Г

    И всё же Яман тупой, ещё тупее. Ну зачем пугать так Сехер? Как ей не испугаться: это что, кто? Яман, который воскрес и пришёл мстить, или какой-то маньяк, который будет шантажировать её выстрелом и т. д.? Что ей думать? Ох, Яман, ты не исправим. Думаешь только не головой

  • Madelayne Bejarano
    Madelayne Bejarano

    Bueno! Ahora sabemos que no fue un sueño. Ahora solo falta ver cómo lo afronta Seher! Me encanta el Modo de Yaman/Reconquistador... El blanco le queda 👌👌👌😍🤍🤍🤍

  • swetha anish
    swetha anish

    When the finale of the Emanet serial was done, then I kept watching the serial for again and again in youtube I didn't get bore.

  • ('') layla
    ('') layla

    Do doja të ishte me perkthim në anglisht të paktën.♥️seher yaman.. Mezi po presim që të dy të perjetojnë më në fund dashurine e tyre.🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

  • Mónica Nievas
    Mónica Nievas

    Si que se encuentren, así arreglan las cosas y pueden estar juntos nuevamente viviendo su amor infinito ♥️ Seher y Yaman ❤️♾️❤️👌💯

  • maria hernandez
    maria hernandez

    si supieras yaman que todas esas cosas que le pusiste las estrellas el simbolo del amor infinito las flore eso a asusto a seher no la alegro para nada

    • Claudia Bracho
      Claudia Bracho

      Es que Seher lo ama desde el fondo de su corazón pero lo cree el asesino de su hermana, por lo tanto no quiere que la encuentre.... Lo peor es que no creo que Yaman le diga la verdad así que el drama va a continuar varios capítulos más 😭😭❤❤❤

  • Lana Maris Carvalho da Silva Dutra
    Lana Maris Carvalho da Silva Dutra

    Não existe eles separados.Ekes precisam enfrentar tudo ainda o que vem pela frente mais juntos .porfavor junte os.Voi acabar desistindo de ver a novela

  • Lana Maris Carvalho da Silva Dutra
    Lana Maris Carvalho da Silva Dutra

    Gente por favor junte logo esse casal.Assim tá muito sem graça.


    Good 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Christy Dimalanta
    Christy Dimalanta

    Seher come back to the mansion Yaman is looking for you and Yusuf He loves you so much

  • Dani Mir
    Dani Mir

    Eski Yaman is back!😊 If you want a job to be done do it by yourself!

  • Yusuf Usman
    Yusuf Usman

    Can't wait

  • Maimai Barnuevo
    Maimai Barnuevo

    Why u have english subtitle hr but if u upload the whole episode u dont have... Pls emanet or legacy admin considered as ur supporters.. We non turkish viewers looking forward since season1 of english subtitle.

  • Ralea Kinshella
    Ralea Kinshella

    I think yaman is going to tell sehar as a last option to get her to come with him..that social service is coming and they going to ask about Yusuf and why isn't he in school yet..and as cross as she is with him still she will go for that purpose only...but that will be enough for him..

  • Ralea Kinshella
    Ralea Kinshella

    Sehar refuse to drink coffee with older yaman.. and all of sudden she don't like coffee...a still loving move for yaman and she drinks coffee with her husband only...because it has a love moment to it..and sehar said it without realising it.. sehar you will never ever forget yaman..he owns your heart a little more than Yusuf...

  • Ralea Kinshella
    Ralea Kinshella

    Yaman you should hug Sehar the moment you see her no matter what...she needs that more than you prom proposal moves...she can push you away but you should hug her tighter...most of all you need the hug my baby...my heart cries for the both of you...but mostly for Yusuf who just have to adjust to your and sehar's decision because apparently you the adults and his parents..just remember you two hurt him very much..he is the best medicine to both of you..he is your joy. happiness. and your emanet..so can you two stop hurting him in all of your supposed to be adult promblems...he learnt from both of you and right now he is confused because it's only now amja say this and tyze say that...please make a decent choice for him..because the right choices you two making is not working...Yusuf hurt just as much as you two..

  • MA MN
    MA MN

    Hoy va a, ser un capítulo muy muy interesante por ambas parejas❤❤❤❤✨✨✨✨❤❤❤❤👏👏👏👏👏

  • وردة نرجس
    وردة نرجس


  • Sam Aftab
    Sam Aftab

    No one can think clearly when they are angry. I hope Seher will rethink again that Yaman cant be a murderer of her sister and he must be hiding something. And that could make her to go back to mansion to investigate her sister's murder again.

  • nishrin aamir mithaiwala
    nishrin aamir mithaiwala

    Please help with sites, where I can watch the emanet series with english subtitles.. Season 1 & the upcoming season 2.

  • Azer Azer
    Azer Azer


  • Угилой Хакбердиева
    Угилой Хакбердиева

    Менга ухшаб кайта курганлар борми

  • zeta jones
    zeta jones

    I thought stalkers are supposed to be creepy. Yaman is way too yummy to be creepy ☺️💃💃

  • swetha anish
    swetha anish

    It is good that the episode is not dragging as before and Yaman found Seher quickly.

  • Vildana G
    Vildana G

    Yaman 😍

  • 00 00
    00 00

    Guys i think zuzu is only appearing in preshot scenes like she said months ago, cause her opening credit at the start of the show for S2 is from S1 episode 134 scene is the same. That pic of her & yusuf is her just visiting the set i think. Cause if she was in S2 they would use new footage for the opening credit like everyone else. She gets a opening credit because she was in S1 and will technically appear in S2. Episode 134 time stamp: 8.28.


    just adore this series, Yamans love touch my heart, make me melt all over. Please make Seher gives him an eternal love too and to be with each other against all ods

  • Jeonice Santos
    Jeonice Santos


  • Siham Iben Barri
    Siham Iben Barri

    She could be easly a murderer when she shot him .who is she to judge him ?

  • Siham Iben Barri
    Siham Iben Barri

    It's creepy and scary .and it is look like he is stalking her. If i were seher i would be very scared that he would hurt me

  • sema cəfərli
    sema cəfərli


  • Hanife Keskin
    Hanife Keskin

    Yaman fikreti Seher in yaninda görünce kiskanabilir ve nedime arastirmasini söyliyebilir kimin nesi diye

  • fuck off
    fuck off


  • Nuvini Vithanage
    Nuvini Vithanage

    Finally yaman's wardrobe white shirt' s are not waste😅😅😅

  • Extreme Condtion Fan
    Extreme Condtion Fan

    Yaman Seher kavusun

  • Dizi_aşkları

    Sonunda buldu. Bildi nerde olduklarini. Yasasin. Seherde artik anladiki buralarda bir yerde. Bizi buldu. Yeni kizda. Ayy her sey guzel olucak insallah🙏😍

  • Jamilya Tahir
    Jamilya Tahir


  • Omer ali
    Omer ali

    Oh my God.. He found her😳

  • Charina Moreno
    Charina Moreno

    Wow this fragment is everything we wanted and more, i can't wait for the next episode! 🥰

  • Anggia Murni
    Anggia Murni

    There is nothing impossible for Yaman Kirimli, he knows that she still love him so much, she couldnt move on, i realy love this promo so much

  • Alexandra Guerrero
    Alexandra Guerrero

    How am i supposed to wait 12 hours for the next episode? This fragment is insane!!! 🥰😭

    • Charina Moreno
      Charina Moreno

      Hahah same

  • Гульнара Алиева
    Гульнара Алиева

    Hic vaz gecma Yaman onlari al evine gotur lutfan

  • Maria.d.Carrasco Martinez
    Maria.d.Carrasco Martinez


  • Zülfiyyə Cəfərova
    Zülfiyyə Cəfərova


  • Alexandra Guerrero
    Alexandra Guerrero


  • Yousef Omar
    Yousef Omar

    تسلم ايدك ليجاسي انا كلي حمااااس

  • Oliver Bloom
    Oliver Bloom

    She felt his presence thats ❤️😍♾️

  • Irais Montero
    Irais Montero

    Super emocionante 😍

  • Durdane Sahbazova
    Durdane Sahbazova


  • Ritu Contractor
    Ritu Contractor

    Hey Google translates the comments to english automatically.....plz someone type the dialogues of the entire episode in Turkish only in the comments section then we will be able to get the translated version ....please please please...😬😬. Lutfan

  • Nayl Vargas
    Nayl Vargas

    Waoo🥳🙌😀que promo! 😁increíble un nuevo Yaman Bey ♥️🤗😁 más enamorado y capaz de luchar por su amada 🙌🤩 Aşk 💞 Con ansias por ver este capítulo 😄😀

  • Gülka. 777
    Gülka. 777

    Özlemişim lannn

  • Hajra Abbasi
    Hajra Abbasi

    They r on 3rd episode and he found them already lol. Writer is on fast track this season. 😉👏

  • marianna.trench21

    Yaman bey is like a ghost....

  • sandhya reddy
    sandhya reddy

    Ready to die so that she can live itself is infinite love and now this ❤

  • Yessy González
    Yessy González

    I'm dying 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Aline Bezerra
    Aline Bezerra

    Já é amanhã pra eu ver o 208?

  • Umme kalsoom
    Umme kalsoom

    Very interesting ❤❤❤

  • Maria Gomez
    Maria Gomez

    Hermoso adelanto, gracias 🙂 😊 💕

  • Ruby Navarro
    Ruby Navarro


  • Celina Vegas
    Celina Vegas

    Y se escucha extraño los dos llamándose x su nombre Yaman Seher jajaja qué hermoso , Yamancito ya viene a la conquista de su amada, y Yosut bello 😚, ya tienen q estar juntos ya es hora pues de el besoooooo, de los abrazo , saludos desde 🇻🇪 Venezuela ❤️

  • Zarina Akramova
    Zarina Akramova

    Afferin sana yamanjim. Hayatta geri dòndn.

  • Элина Эюпова
    Элина Эюпова


  • Maira Inés Zambrano de S.
    Maira Inés Zambrano de S.

    Qué detallazo de ese hombre, definitivamente es otro, cómo lo transformó el amor,presiento que esta nueva temporada vamos a tener mucho romanticismo😍💕💕👏👏


      Dios te oiga.... Y nazmiye no lo permita....

    • Charina Moreno
      Charina Moreno

      Eso espero, ya estamos cansadas de lágrimas y malentendidos, queremos romance y felicidad!

  • Haritha marri
    Haritha marri

    I just loved it


    Yaman quickly 👌 found her most majnu romeo Yaman kirimli intelligent and brave super man 🦸🚗 promo 👏🔥❤️ we can't wait Yaman seher Yusuf 😘🥰❤️

  • Ainun Iskandar
    Ainun Iskandar

    I feel u ..yaman. He loves her like crazy.

  • Mariacruz Candelario
    Mariacruz Candelario

    Volvio mi Yaman romantico!!!!! Lo amo😘😘😘😘😘

  • Juvelyn Mae Torion
    Juvelyn Mae Torion

    Go yaman dont give up...win back seher ... 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰💖💖💖💖

  • Sweetie Coast
    Sweetie Coast

    Sahar better try go do some real investigation and find out who actually kill her sister because zuhal is waiting for the right time for yahman zuhal have the portion lady 😂

  • jaq Alves
    jaq Alves

    😍😍😍😍estava com saudades da fera Yaman e a bela Seher…essa música 😍😍😍é como frebe em nossa cabeça , espero que eles volte a ficar junto, verdades sejam ditas , que saia beijo…. 🙏🏼🙈🤣

  • Lily Florentín
    Lily Florentín

    No me pierdo mañana 😢❤

  • Gabriela Flores
    Gabriela Flores

    Reencuentro emotivo será ❤

  • Aurea Roberta
    Aurea Roberta

    Terror psicológico, ela não sabe a intenção dele, vai ficar apavorada.

  • Riya Bhattacharjee
    Riya Bhattacharjee

    Yaman ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Luisa Lourenco
    Luisa Lourenco

    Seher is not ready to go back only if he tells her the lie or she will start to think he’s lying to her very exciting

  • Diana Herrera
    Diana Herrera

    Me encanta mi yaman

  • lina milina
    lina milina

    Sila ve halilin oyunculuğu bölümde ki detaylarin güzelligi,çekim açilari ve fon müzikleri tek kelimeyle mükemmel bir bölümdü👏👏👏