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  • aseret tocil
    aseret tocil

    I love sen cal series super love it,senkar & eda beautiful couple❤️

  • osden miranda
    osden miranda

    no no no! her hair colour is darkest Brown ok? I hope you understand.😒

  • Nuran arrowood
    Nuran arrowood

    i like this one SEN CAL KAPIMI waiting for Wednesday to come

  • Nuran arrowood
    Nuran arrowood

    she also plays as Mimar Sen cal kapimi

  • Nuran arrowood
    Nuran arrowood

    I like Handa very pretty and good oyuncu

  • Puneet Jaswal
    Puneet Jaswal

    I go out of words whenever I see you Hande ❤️ you are most gorgeous and talented woman I have ever seen 😘 lots of love from India

  • Hector Fernandez cabo
    Hector Fernandez cabo

    Qué preciosidad de chica desde jovencísima talentosa trabajadora alegre la admiro muchísimo por su fuerza siento mucho lo de su mamá y siguió trabajando con lo que supone a esa edad perder a un ser tan querido cuando lo sé por experiencia qué una madre se necesita siempre es una perdida irreparable pero ella sigue adelante es muy valiente se lo merece todo muchos saludos para ella

  • JZ Kitchen and vlog
    JZ Kitchen and vlog

    She is so beautiful

  • Dilafruz Kurbonova
    Dilafruz Kurbonova

    Hayat and Murat great o‘zbekiston

  • Kamrun Nahar
    Kamrun Nahar

    Why Hayat and Murad is not doing drama again. They are our favorite. They can get married also in real life.

  • Imas Pury
    Imas Pury

    My favorite actress 🤩 love you hande

  • Moxichexra Qosimova
    Moxichexra Qosimova


  • Jelisa Dulatre
    Jelisa Dulatre

    I love this young lady I know her in hayat series ,me and my family love her with her partner in hayat very niece story

  • Avegail Magante
    Avegail Magante

    Sooo beautiful ❤️

  • mercy sonkip
    mercy sonkip

    Her mother is more beautiful...

  • Camilo Gerundio
    Camilo Gerundio

    My one and only crush hande ercel☺️😍😍🥰

  • Grace Ybañez
    Grace Ybañez


  • Grace Ybañez
    Grace Ybañez

    Hayat and Murat . are very good actor and actress I wish one day they will there fans here in Philipines We love you cast .of Hayat

  • carla rosario guerreiro
    carla rosario guerreiro

    Im super fan....she is so gorgeous....i wish all the best big kiss from macau

  • Hello Knysna
    Hello Knysna

    Hande Ercel Beautiful Gorgeouse Delicacy Actress very Talented!!! Look serie ,, Gunes,, where play with Tolga Saritas Beautiful Talented Actor!!! Hande Ercel Top 2!!! Love much Hande Ercel God Allah bless you!!!🙏🙏🙏🌞☘️🥀☘️🥀☘️🥀☘️😘🤗

  • Nilar Yu
    Nilar Yu

    She is so beautiful ❤️

  • Maria Manuela Prata Martinho
    Maria Manuela Prata Martinho

    No me gusta Hande es falsa producto de estética

  • Karen Crisma Lopez
    Karen Crisma Lopez

    Ms. Hayat, so beautiful

  • Verica Mihajlovic
    Verica Mihajlovic


  • Miriam Estrellas
    Miriam Estrellas

    So beautiful

  • Pamela Bobadilla
    Pamela Bobadilla

    Well good .

  • Pamela Bobadilla
    Pamela Bobadilla

    Love her she for does her Rower.


    I'll realy like your movie in tv ,Hayat and Murat,one of your fans..thanks.♥️👍

  • Rim Sha
    Rim Sha

    Hande ercel 👍👍

  • Rasheed Ahmed
    Rasheed Ahmed

    gorgeous loving

  • Joemar Mateo
    Joemar Mateo

    Great actress😊😊hayat uzun...

  • Betu Chouhan
    Betu Chouhan

    I love it a lot... All the episode were outside for me... 😘🌹🤗

  • editha razonable
    editha razonable

    So beautiful and Talented❤️❤️ Hande Ercel

  • ᴊᴜʟᴇᴇ ᴋᴜᴍᴀʀɪ
    ᴊᴜʟᴇᴇ ᴋᴜᴍᴀʀɪ

    Hayat murat ka sesion 2 aana chahiye