Måneskin - Zitti E Buoni - Italy 🇮🇹 - Grand Final - Eurovision 2021
Måneskin represented Italy at the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song Zitti E Buoni
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  • Eurovision Song Contest
    Eurovision Song Contest

    Read more about Måneskin here: eurovision.tv/participant/maneskin-2021

    • Moha b official ☑️
      Moha b official ☑️

      Good job 🙏

    • Lars Je boy
      Lars Je boy


    • Αρβανιτάκη Βιολέτα
      Αρβανιτάκη Βιολέτα

      @CIA Central intelligence agency το ξέρω τι θα συμβεί και στην δεύτερη του και το δεύτερο σήμα και αυτά τα παιδιά της ηλικίας της είναι το πιο γλυκό και να το κάνει και η νίκη κατάλαβε τι ώρα κλείνουν όλα όσα συμβαίνουν

    • Asya Afaunova
      Asya Afaunova


    • Murir Baram
      Murir Baram

      @Gifh Gjfg gtz

  • Sandra Rinaldi
    Sandra Rinaldi

    . morirò da re

  • Carter

    Feeling like the singer is familiar with Perry Farrell

  • burak burak
    burak burak

    I love this band (I am Turkish)

  • adoptme_plays


  • Alessandro

    90.083 👎francesi 😂

  • stefani gx
    stefani gx

    I'm obsessed with this song 😍

  • Niky Kontou
    Niky Kontou

    This song is so awesome and crazy. I love it😍😍😍❤️❤️

  • Angelos Kr
    Angelos Kr

    I fucking love them

  • DarkSlayerReborn

    Spero vi piaccia la cover di Zitti e Buoni sul canale / Hope you like Zitti E Buoni piano cover on my channel :)

  • ArdaTuran Arslan
    ArdaTuran Arslan

    maNga nasıl birinci olamadı

    • Oktopud

      maNga has been finally avenged.

  • euiie

    the fact i knew them like way before eurovision gives me confidence

  • Yarik Gricishin
    Yarik Gricishin

    Вот 2:04

  • D. H.
    D. H.

    Still can't believe this is the winning Song of ESC 2021. Sounds like a Million other songs, has got nothing special and is just sooo boring normal...

  • Сайлор Ревудо (Kilit)
    Сайлор Ревудо (Kilit)

    3 неделя как идет, а я все еще наслаждаюсь)

  • Esra Agayeva
    Esra Agayeva

    You can't call this song bad because your country didn't win. It was the best song of this year. Love from Azerbaijan🇦🇿❤🇮🇹

  • Mattia Dei
    Mattia Dei

    I can't understand why they like so much... Their music is so fake

  • Alessio Rinaldi
    Alessio Rinaldi

    Popular opinion: Their win was fair

  • Bas Grif
    Bas Grif

    Singing like this on those heels...

  • Malik Athar Iqbal
    Malik Athar Iqbal

    The more u listen to it, the more u like it.

  • pierluigi costantini
    pierluigi costantini

    Finalmente del buon rock italiano, spero che durino

  • Khairena

    Heard so much about them on social media and DAAYUMMMMMM THEY'RE SO GOOD?????

  • Aknur Gerguri
    Aknur Gerguri

    I mean they deserved to win💥

  • Damiano-Måneskin

    Me singing this not having a clue what it actually means: My Italian teacher: 😳💀

  • eylll

    Tamam simdi güzel şarkı ve performans ama bi manga we could be same performansı degil...

    • irem ç
      irem ç


  • Mind Fresh
    Mind Fresh

    Πάει για έναν μήνα στα τρεντιγκς αυτή η μλκ . Έλεος

  • Alessia Penna
    Alessia Penna

    É passato un mese ma io sono ancora ferma qui

  • Maria Mama
    Maria Mama


  • Sqwroo jeff
    Sqwroo jeff


  • Dimos Papalakis
    Dimos Papalakis

    NABER 1!! 🎸🎸

  • Dilemar 33
    Dilemar 33

    why am i always shaking and crying when i watch this😳😳😳

  • Content creator
    Content creator

    Their music is deep in my bones 🤩

  • Elena Vujić
    Elena Vujić


  • Elena Vujić
    Elena Vujić


  • adrenawa

    i dont understand this , but i keep listening

  • Heinemann 007
    Heinemann 007

    Why is the Italian band named after the Norwegian word for moonshine?

    • Sophie

      Danish. Because Victoria is half Danish.

  • Anna Jacobsen
    Anna Jacobsen

    I think it’s funny that it was italy that won, and Denmark (because we are such a small country) still tried to take some credit for it. Because the bass player is half dane and the name “Måneskin” is danish for “moonlight”

  • vladimir blagojevic
    vladimir blagojevic

    Lenny Kravitz: Are you gonna go my way? These dudes: Well, we're gonna copy most of it.

  • Andy Morris Wilson
    Andy Morris Wilson

    In a few years we all will look back and realize that this was the birth of a legend. Only ABBA always will be the ones with a even greater career after the victory.

  • Sabino Rinelli
    Sabino Rinelli

    They deserve the starry Sky. This is The Rinascimento of the best old school Rock. Grazie Ragazzi, siete favolosi e la vostra storia è bellissima. Siete uno splendido esempio per tutti del lavoro della passione e dell' orgoglio italiano

  • Filka Blido
    Filka Blido


  • Zeynep Gül ışık
    Zeynep Gül ışık

    Manga😢 We could be the same

  • Michael Surace
    Michael Surace

    Best band of last 10 years

  • Mais Hijaz
    Mais Hijaz

    Watching this video has been on top of my daily to-do list since they won.

  • Manuel

    Italy Is the best ahah rip✨

  • Aneddy Gunn
    Aneddy Gunn

    They are so good and talented. Finally something outstanding, interesting and very sexy. They are like fallen angels. All the best ❤️

  • Languagessgram

    They'll be legend.

  • Vasilis Voulierhs
    Vasilis Voulierhs


  • Abderrahman BOUSSETA
    Abderrahman BOUSSETA


    • Kristina B
      Kristina B

      Ukraine was fantastic and well deserved 2nd place in televoting. But this was outstanding. By the way Maneskin members became a good friends with Go_A.

  • Erik Bergman
    Erik Bergman

    Is he trans?

    • Raffaele De Guida
      Raffaele De Guida


  • paralyzed alpaca
    paralyzed alpaca


  • Снежана Сальникова
    Снежана Сальникова

    Афигенно,я койфанула

  • Mata

    Pov: after 4 weeks you are still listening

  • Ирина Салабаева
    Ирина Салабаева

    Лучшее выступление за всю историю Евровидения

    • Удачный человек
      Удачный человек

      Не согласен, фины лучше намного

  • Jasna V
    Jasna V


  • Zulfiyya Bayramova
    Zulfiyya Bayramova


  • TR Flame
    TR Flame

    I still don’t understand how they won

    • max ros
      max ros

      maybe thats because you?

  • Zaynal Sikder
    Zaynal Sikder

    love this nice Italian song.

  • Mihaela Gherghe
    Mihaela Gherghe

    Ce cacat de mélodie.s à prostit si Europa

    • Adi Sav
      Adi Sav

      Daca nu e pe gustul tau, nu inseamna ca este un c*** de melodie!

  • Thatrangersfan NHL
    Thatrangersfan NHL

    500/12 from iceland 😝

  • Marija Pejic
    Marija Pejic


  • Marija Pejic
    Marija Pejic


  • Hüseyin

    Love from Turkey 🇹🇷❤️🇮🇹

  • Rikixi

    La musica francese è la più bella. Maneskin:siamo fuori di testaaaaa

  • MissSteve yuh
    MissSteve yuh

    Tysm for blessing my eyes

  • Francesca Pillitu
    Francesca Pillitu

    E siamo già a 56 milioni e mezzo 😯🤩🥰 Grandi Måneskiiinnn!!! 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹 Meritate sempre il meglio! Vi amooo!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Jimmy🐞

    Spaccano hanno spaccatoooooo altro che francesi italiaaaaa🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • superdave31

    Another thing - Anyone else noticed this years videos have millions of views?… not just Maneskin but Ukraine has about 15mil, all the other songs have like 5,6,7,8 mil… I think after Covid and 1 year off.. ppl were desperate for Eurovision! No other year has so many views. Like the odd song but generally they’ve all got 200k, 300k views etc. It’s just gone crazy

    • Oktopud

      Yea Im glad Im not the only one who noticed that

  • esma celiq
    esma celiq

    Türkler yok şaşırtıcı

    • irem ç
      irem ç

      manga ile doldurmuslar yorumu

    • irem ç
      irem ç

      var kanka

  • Sayed Hassen
    Sayed Hassen

    ci stanno più stranieri che italiani nei commenti

  • Vladan Miletic
    Vladan Miletic


  • buttered Toast
    buttered Toast

    they look like enemy stand useres ngl

  • monica ber
    monica ber

    Rock'n Roll check this out🤟🤘

  • Amēlija Grēta Ludbārža
    Amēlija Grēta Ludbārža

    I have watched this 100 times i cant stop

  • Unknown ?
    Unknown ?

    When Rock band wins the public votes, that’s everything.

  • Наталья Климко
    Наталья Климко

    Были исполнители которые более достойны первого места , чем эти уродцы!

  • Adisa Jukic
    Adisa Jukic


  • Dunja Apostolovic
    Dunja Apostolovic


  • Dunja Apostolovic
    Dunja Apostolovic


  • Red The Lava
    Red The Lava


  • Bounze

    The lead singer kinda looks lile Sebastian Kurz

  • Busenaz Gülcan
    Busenaz Gülcan


  • Alex Pepenabo
    Alex Pepenabo

    I love the reference he does in 0:36

  • Nazrin Abasova
    Nazrin Abasova

    это прекрасно, я пересматриваю сто раз

  • Maroth

    I have goosebumps af

  • Tamerlan Akmatov
    Tamerlan Akmatov

    In semi final he was more confident than in grand final

  • Chrispy Potatoes
    Chrispy Potatoes

    last year i wrote down in my journal that 2021 is going to be the year that rock returns and enters the charts... i couldn't be happier

  • Crazy 333
    Crazy 333

    What’s the name of your therapist? Me:Måneskin

  • Aliko ABC
    Aliko ABC

    Молодцы! Достойная победа! Талантливые, красивые, энергичные

  • Koirut On best
    Koirut On best


  • Tomlinson Styles
    Tomlinson Styles

    don't mind me coming here for the millionth time

  • T E O
    T E O

    im obsessed with this

  • Jenny Markgraaf
    Jenny Markgraaf

    why everywhone love this??🙄😢

  • FaSt_Spyros

    It is the best song i have ever listen in eurovision!!!

  • Saga Marthin.Loken
    Saga Marthin.Loken


  • Dasha Shyshkina
    Dasha Shyshkina

    Victoria's moves are a sort of masterpiece 😍

  • Cosmosman71

    She has a powerfull voice but this song looks like a lame imitation of Netta's TOY in 2018

  • Aris maximiadis
    Aris maximiadis

    Είμαι Έλληνας αλλά το τραγούδι σου είναι εκπληκτικό...μπράβο σας ..

  • Володимир Мартинович
    Володимир Мартинович

    Подобається. Наспівую часто, навіть не знаючи слів і мови))

  • Ula Bonnem
    Ula Bonnem

    Рок всегда будет побеждать!