OMG! My Kid Cut My Hair! 😱

  • everyoneitsmejudi1

    If I did this she would take me to the adoption centre no cap-

  • Hernawati Eng
    Hernawati Eng

    i don't have to

  • Sauban Khan
    Sauban Khan

    What is the name of that guy in video ?

  • Sokana akanoS
    Sokana akanoS

    ESCUSE MEEEEE ??? THE MOTHER LIKE "Oh's the fourth time this week...😕" !! IF MY KID CUT MY HAIR..........HE WILL JOIN E.T !

  • Rd Garsia
    Rd Garsia


  • Ulan Dari
    Ulan Dari


  • ꧁дикий зверь КВ꧂
    ꧁дикий зверь КВ꧂


  • Zuzanna Bydłoń
    Zuzanna Bydłoń


  • Janja Nvann
    Janja Nvann

    جيهان الله

  • fatma türk
    fatma türk


  • R1ation

    I would be dead if I did that to my mom.

  • Maram Assaad
    Maram Assaad

    🤩 wow

  • Akshda Tiwari
    Akshda Tiwari

    Her patience

  • Sangeeta Chirivella
    Sangeeta Chirivella

    😥what are your kid doing

  • Soleil_2010

    How does this change anything?! You're hair is still cut

  • Not meh
    Not meh

    How that gonna give her hair back doe? 👉👈

  • Насипа Азимжанова
    Насипа Азимжанова


  • Carbon Ghost
    Carbon Ghost

    Who would do the 1st it’s just weird they copy Troom troom

  • Leslie go woosh
    Leslie go woosh

    Kid: cuts her mother's hair Mother: I'm ok :) I'm literally *OK*

  • ✿Blueberry møcha gaming❀
    ✿Blueberry møcha gaming❀

    Omg bestie so relatable happens to me everyday 😩💅

  • Jireh Roi Collado
    Jireh Roi Collado


  • kimcuong90 Nguyen
    kimcuong90 Nguyen

    Xgnzz hg vs jdhxh hdjd

  • Alayna Forrest
    Alayna Forrest

    My mom would kill me if I cut her hair

  • Play whith Parid hajredini
    Play whith Parid hajredini


  • Maria Saka
    Maria Saka


  • asland

    That's how I was kicked out of the house 😂😂😂😂

  • XxaisQueenXx _ilovefood
    XxaisQueenXx _ilovefood

    If I cut my mams hair i would be I’m so much trouble. Also cuz making hair is soo quick yeaaa “totally”

  • Fanny Picko
    Fanny Picko

    bad kids 😡😡😡😱😱

  • zara_ Kartika 82
    zara_ Kartika 82

    his sister is really smart

  • Joycelyn Chai
    Joycelyn Chai

    If my child cuts my hair, she is not my child anymore ✋

  • Audrina Woods
    Audrina Woods

    Me: *cuts my moms hair* My Lithuanian mother:bringing the pan belt,fist,leg and a log.

  • Kimberley Ocampo Tumbagahan
    Kimberley Ocampo Tumbagahan

    WTF?!I dont mean to be rude.But... if I cut my moms hair,she wouldve slapped me and showed me a flying tsinelas. Moral of the story,if your wires ever get tangled up...give them to your 6/7 years old kid.

  • Lia-chan ツ(flopada TwT)
    Lia-chan ツ(flopada TwT)

    Se eu fizesse isso com minha mãe eu levaria uma chinelada ;-;

  • Zsolt Aranyosi
    Zsolt Aranyosi


  • Natrah Omar
    Natrah Omar


  • Aleena

    I would tell my kid to cut their own hair 😌

  • Vama Saadi
    Vama Saadi

    How did she not DO ANYTHING

  • Ольга Хворова
    Ольга Хворова

    Да да да да да что то надо

  • Mirna Irna
    Mirna Irna

    bagus banget

  • 白桃


  • Ricardo Castillo ojeda
    Ricardo Castillo ojeda

    Sería mejor darle con la CHANCLA

  • fnaf is bestie
    fnaf is bestie

    Her reaction rlly went : 🙂😐

  • Livia Taylor
    Livia Taylor

    Kid: mummy where did ur hair go?

  • gtsfki urixhi
    gtsfki urixhi

    Nakakalamang po

  • Angela Spears
    Angela Spears

    What is this lol

  • Jagiya Melech Labrada
    Jagiya Melech Labrada


  • ༄ƛƊƖƬƖシ

    Her mom smiling after she cuted her hair My mom if i do this : Detroit SsSMmMmMmMmAaAaAaAaAaSsSsShHhHhHhHh

  • Jayla’s channel
    Jayla’s channel

    Her:Makes a cardboard box into a barbershop thinking that it’s going to get her daughter to stop cutting her hair Five minutes later* Her:He’s mad because the cardboard box didn’t work in her hair is all Cut it and she’s bald

  • Dillip Kumar
    Dillip Kumar

    Expecting Child-*cut mom hair Mom-*mom smiles and make a doll* Reality Me- *cut mom hair* Mom-here take it * Flying chappal is coming towards me*

  • Kanchu and tabu❤️❤️
    Kanchu and tabu❤️❤️


  • Pushpa Kumari
    Pushpa Kumari

    Her mother: smiles and satisfies..+ giving her a gift 🎁 that she doesn't cut her hair again... My mother: Flying chappal+Ruk abhi papa ko bolti hu!!🤣🤣

  • Billie McLain
    Billie McLain

    It's cool

  • Teoh Ling Tong
    Teoh Ling Tong

    Poor hair😂😂😂😂😂

  • sharon watson
    sharon watson

    Her mom : gives a nervous smile My mom: UNITED STATES OF MOTHER LOVING SMASH👊

  • Carolina Kozume
    Carolina Kozume

    Oh yknow you could just *hide the scissors 😐*

  • Gaby Ferranti
    Gaby Ferranti


  • Belle Reis
    Belle Reis

    Qm vai cortar o cabelo da mãe e a mãe ainda fingir q gostou?

  • đom đóm
    đom đóm


  • Roman Rondolini
    Roman Rondolini


  • Alicia Gonzalez
    Alicia Gonzalez


  • Zurisadai Hernández
    Zurisadai Hernández

    Seré yo la única que habla español

  • Dulce García
    Dulce García

    Eso es malcriar a la niña

  • Olxves

    Child: * cuts moms hair * Me as her mom: aww thank you!! Thanks for saying I’m as pretty as a mannequin!get in the car! Also me as her mom: * drives to the local alleyway adoption center *

  • Penda’s  Life
    Penda’s Life

    Instead of bringing out the belt she akwardly “eh” it out

  • Lilo Roblox
    Lilo Roblox


  • UtTeRlY AsHleIgH
    UtTeRlY AsHleIgH

    Use a wig

  • Santa teresabertre bertre
    Santa teresabertre bertre


  • Sophia Sartori
    Sophia Sartori

    Oi sophia hahahahahahakkkkkkkkkk

  • Katie vlogs
    Katie vlogs

    This is from five minutes craft why are you saying my kid cut my hair

  • Lilli Angelo
    Lilli Angelo

    bro how did she not get mad

  • retro runer
    retro runer

    Children + sizzurs = pain

  • Walter Ramos
    Walter Ramos


  • Rojane Astrero
    Rojane Astrero

    my sistir cut my hair

  • Jonny Ruiz Vallejos
    Jonny Ruiz Vallejos


  • Carmeb Hañari
    Carmeb Hañari

    Ux XD jor😡🤬🤬

  • Da UrbanGurl
    Da UrbanGurl

    Kids are smart…

  • _Winnne_ Pooh_
    _Winnne_ Pooh_

    Honestly my mom would have beat the shit out of me for cutting her hair😭

  • antonia osorio
    antonia osorio


  • XxA Random CaptainxX
    XxA Random CaptainxX

    Im Not sure if a child would even do that... And im not sure if all of that wires could be that messy... by just leaving it alone.

  • Itz Diamante Geoy
    Itz Diamante Geoy

    Why does the one on left looks like Chucky do much?

  • Vicentina Felix
    Vicentina Felix


  • Myracle Johnson
    Myracle Johnson

    Fafeqf Gwgegwywhegtw

  • Kayla White
    Kayla White

    The mother is just chill with it and then..

  • Magxd

    Them claiming that the kids nowadays are so lazy Also them: here untangle this so I can play my game

  • Faith Rose
    Faith Rose

    Ain't nobody gonna take time out of their day just to make a stupid yarn hair barbie thing

  • Milet Pozo
    Milet Pozo

    Si yo le cortaba un pedacito de cabello a mi madre no creo que hubiera vivido para contarselo